Saturday, November 6, 2010

On his way!

So this journey really begins. And I'm not happy about it at all. But I'm beginning to find out that being a military wife is much more than just living our life according to how the ARMY says we can and watching him go once a month and now for 6 months. It's about being strong when you don't have any strength left. It's about being disappointed and more happy than you ever thought you could. It's waiting all day for a phone call and missing it when you accidentally leave your phone in the car. The up's are so amazing and the downs are the worst. But in the end, that day when he gets off the plane and he's home all of the bad will go away and it will be the best day ever.

Brandon and his pal Nerdin in the Maine airport
Brandon left for Fort Benning in Georgia on October 29, 2010. He spent a week there doing everything and anything. He got the small pox vaccination (It was NOT fun from everything he told me about! luckily its almost over so hopefully he starts feeling better). Unfortunately he got issued everything he got in Utah again in Georgia so he had to ship everything back home. He had to qualify with both of his weapons on Thursday before he would be able to go to Afghanistan. Brandon passed on his first try, I am so proud of him!! He did all sorts of stuff to prepare him for his time overseas. This Friday, November 5, Brandon left Georgia, his final destination Afghanistan. His plane stopped at a small airport in Maine where the whole town congregates at the airport to shake soldiers hands and thank them. Brandon said it was one of the best feelings he's felt. We got to talk for a couple of min over facetime (a program much like Skype but we get to use our Ipod/Iphones to communicate) it was seriously the best I've felt since Brandon left. It was so good to see his smile and talk face to face (kind of!) From Maine the troops flew to Germany. I got to facetime him again in Germany for a while until it got really late and he had to get back to his job. Saying goodbye gets harder each time because I never know how long it will be until the next phone call, but its just one more thing about being a Military family. Today Brandon landed in Kuwait and tried to call. I wasn't expecting him to call my phone and I accidentally left it in the car during dinner and missed them all. I can't express how horrible I feel, much like a big black hole has formed in my stomach. I'm just praying that he will try one more time before he leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow (?). That's all we know right now. I know he's safe and i hope he knows that he is loved. When I find out more information I will be sure to let you know. 

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