Sunday, November 14, 2010

I have Brandon's address!

Brandon finally made it to Afghanistan! It makes me a little nervous, who am i kidding... I'm terrified but I know that God is watching over both of us and will keep us safe in his arms. Whatever is to happen will happen and everything will be okay, it has to be =]

I did get his address and if you would like it just email me at I am trying to follow the rules and not post any information directly about Brandon. All to keep him and everyone else safe. So please try and not post any address information after you get it or any dates if you know them. We just want all of our soldiers to come home safe, each one of them. 

I've gotten to speak to Brandon a couple of times, I'm sure you've all seen on his facebook that his first night of work was very eventful. Its stressful to hear his stories but when he's telling me them all I can think of is that He is safe, because he still talking to me. From our talks, he sounds like he is enjoying (I don't think enjoying would really be the right word but I can't think of a different one!) his time while over there. It's always a great surprise to hear his voice. And every time my phone rings i get those butterflies all over again. 

Life here in Logan has been cold, not too eventful but life goes on. School is winding down, Only three more weeks (plus like a week off for Thanksgiving) until finals week. I am so looking forward to the week long break next week! That's about all thats been going on, I know really boring but as long as I'm busy the time keeps on flyin! The time is going by maybe not flyin but its going! Over 2 weeks down! It's going to happen and we will get through it all. We love all of you!

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