Thursday, February 6, 2014


What a busy couple of months it has been! Sometimes I feel like we haven't had time to just sit down and decompress but I have been thankful for the craziness, it's much easier to focus on that then on our struggles.

Brandon has been going non-stop for the last few months. Between monthly drills with the Utah National Guard, Medic Training, and patrolling the streets in IF as a Police Officer he rarely has days off, but that's the way he likes it! Even on his day's off he always finds something to keep him busy (when he's not catching up on the zzzz's!).

School seem's to take up much of my time. I am loving the 4th grade! My kiddos are such characters and always bring a laugh or two to school!

Bronco and Moose are doing excellent! They love that at any given time usually one of us is home so they don't have to be alone much. They are joined at the hip and hate to be separated for more than a minute or two! Moose has now surpassed Bronco in height and I'm sure in weight too and I think he still has room to grow! Moose is like a huge teddy bear while Bronco is my rambunctious one!

In December we were lucky enough to spend a few days with Brandon's Mom and Dad. It was such a great visit and we were so excited to show off our house! While they were here we got to go out to the range and shoot guns (Brandon's favorite thing to do!)
 play in the snow and build a snowman

 play with the pups

celebrate Christmas and just enjoy the time together. We wish that they could have stayed longer and hope to make a trip to California this summer.

In December we also went through our first round of IUI. IUI is an infertility procedure. It is kind of the middle level, a step up from just Clomid, but not as drastic as IFV. It isn't the most comfortable procedure but it is fairly quick and easy. The worst part of the IUI is the 2 week waiting period between the procedure and the results. We were very anxiously waiting the news through out all of Christmas and unfortunatly got a negative results. We knew that the chance of it happening on the first round wasn't super high so after a few days of negativity, we jumped right back up and tried again.

Our second round came in January and at the end of the waiting period we got another negative. We waited for my cycle to start over and it came late. This gave me a renewed sense of hope, thinking maybe we had just tested to early and it really was happening. Yesterday we got the confirmation that it really is a negative and we are left with figuring out what to do from here.

We have decided to take a two month break to figure out where to go from here. We are so thankful for the support and prayers that have been sent our way. It is amazing how the Lord shows up in your life! It seems like every where I turn lately is some kind of message of hope and to never give up. We know that the Lord has a plan for us and that we need only to turn to him and ask for help in finding that plan. He doesn't always answer us on our time, in fact rarely do we get an answer when we think we need it!

We love you all!