Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Recap - an overload of pictures

[Sorry for the formatting problems.. too big of a headache for me to deal with tonight!]

Brace yourself for an avalanche of pictures:

Welcome Moose, the newest addition to the Prince clan.

He's a really good cuddler :)

Silver Spud Moose Prince =]

First trail ride

Dancing and Swimming- this is the life!

<3 My love bug

Shooting with JD

and I beat the two big tough military guys :) 

We got SEALED! 

My boys are getting SO big! And fully enjoying the backyard to the fullest!

I LOVE snowcones, especially since they come few and far between.
Some freaking good days on the lake. LOOK AT THAT GLASS!!!

Go Dad Go Dad GO!

We took some great walks... the boys kind of suck at walking together though :s

Clark/Swan Family Reunion

LOST marathons and camping out in the living room!

Trail Ride #2

Such beautiful scenery

Felt like I was on top of the world!

LOVE my birthday boots =]

Stakes is a stellar horse, though he has a lot of gas hahaha

We got a GRILL! (BIG thanks goes out to B's mom and dad!)

Shooting round #2 with my dad

Rose Family Reunion 

Brotherly Love

Look at how much he's growing!!!
Beautiful day on the lake

Seriously, how did I ever snag this handsome man?!

I wonder how many kids could say that their high school principal does this regularly?

MAJOR crash on the air chair (one of my worst!)

I love the view of the sunsets from our porch, if only my camera could really catch the colors!                  
I trained for my first ever 5k. I was so amazed at what my body could do!                                  
My sister, Danika and myself ran the color vibe in IF. It was a blast!                                                               

Moose sleeps in the craziest ways... BTW he weighs more than 40 lbs. and he's not even fat!
We made our first really big purchase (not from family) for the house, NEW COUCHES! (they are beautiful!)
Driving in Utah... I miss these mountains!
Sweets Party! Thanks Lori for inviting us! (Homemade cream puffs, pretty dang easy!)
silly boy
Happy 5th Anniversary! We met on August 26, 2008, our first day at college!
My pretty flowers that are FINALLY blooming, though only 2 plants survived hurricane Bronco and Moose :(
My new classroom! oh it looks pretty :) please disregard the supply mess on their desks!