Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on this crazy thing we like to call life!

Well....It's official. I stink at keeping our blog up-to-date! I was hoping that come summer, our lives would settle down and I'd get more time to do the things I've been wanting to do for a while... like gardening, blogging, getting more crafty, reading more than a book a month, just relaxing! I've kind of done all of those things but as I look back at the last two week I'm blown away at what's been going on!

I finished my finals week with flying colors! I aced my Praxis II test getting a 187/200, scoring above average in all but one section of the test. I aced my math final and my science final and came out with on top of this semester. All in all it was a very successful week! On Thursday after my math final we finished packing and cleaning up the house and moved down to Cedar Hills to live with Brandon's sister Jullienne for the summer. It will be so nice to be around family all summer and I know that there will never be a dull moment in this house!

For Easter, Brandon's mom gave us some tiny little pots for growing dwarf flowers. I was ECSTATIC! They were SO cute and such a good idea since we don't have a spot yet to have a real garden. (Notice how I said yet). As soon as we got moved in Brandon and I got the seeds planted and put out on the balcony. I haven't taken a picture yet but you better bet that as soon as they sprout you'll get to see! The last two days hasn't been good for the flowers, we've been getting freezing rain and I'm  praying they can survive all this moisture and when the sun comes out they will sprout.

This year for Mother's Day we decided to make some wreaths. We (all the kids) gave my mom a wreath with orange, yellow, red, and white flowers that I made out of fabric. Brandon and I gave his mom and mammaw wreaths that were made out of a pair of Brandon's ACU pants that he wore while in Basic Training and AIT (medic training). They all turned out SO cute and I love them. I can't wait to get the go ahead to make a wreath for us (well, and a door to hang it on!). [pictures are on the previous post!]

The past two weeks of being at Jullienne's house have been great! We've gotten to spend TONS of time with family and have gotten to hang out with friends too. It has been SO much fun. I know Brandon enjoy's being close with his siblings and cousins and I love it too! I think I've actually been getting an ab work out from laughing at Brandon and Troy (his brother).

This week I got hired for a nanny position for two little girls. They are DOLLS! They are very close in age and have beautiful red hair. They are honestly the most well behaved little girls I've ever met! When I ask if they will clean up their room they jump on it with out a sigh or grumble at all!

This summer is going to be the best!

Mother's Day Wreaths!

My mom's Mother's Day Wreath

Mammaw's Mother's Day Wreath

Rhonda's Mother's Day Wreath

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Whats new with you?!

It's been a whirlwind this past 5 weeks. I can't believe that Brandon's already been home 5 weeks! It's amazing how quickly we were able to get back into a routine together. So what's been happening?
Nothing and everything! I've been crazy busy with the end of the semester nearing (only finals week is left! YAY!) and we have been trying to plan out our life. Brandon is preparing to go back to school at UVU this summer. We are moving to Cedar Hills for the summer. It will be interesting to see what's in store for our summer and beyond. Nothing is perfectly in place but I'm starting to be okay (well more okay) with that because that is how the Army works! 
It's not much, just a little update into our crazy lives!