Saturday, February 2, 2013

Great Start to the New Year!

Yes i know... it's been FOREVER! I promise we haven't died or fallen off the face of the Earth... things are just crazy (I should be used to this right?)

Here is a quick recap:
December: Wow where did this month go?! Brandon quickly fell into his new routine as a Police Officer for the IFPD (Idaho Falls Police Department) and he relished every minute of it! He absolutely LOVES being a cop and I can't imagine him doing anything else. In the middle of Dec. he switched from day shift to Swing Shift (4pm-2am) That was quite the change! It was hard on both of us because from Tuesday-Friday we only got to see each other when he came home and got in bed at 3am and when I left for work at 7am. Bronco LOVED it because he was almost NEVER alone and he got a ton of sleep! I continued to teach. I did get to enjoy a nice week and a half break from school for "winter holidays". I got to relax and finish up my Christmas shopping.
Christmas was wonderful. We spent it with my parents and got to skype and talk to Brandon's side of the family as well. We cannot wait for Brandon's  mom and dad to move closer (hurry it on up spring!!). We were spoiled as usual, we have the best family and friends.
our first Christmas lights! I was SO excited!
Bronco helping to unwrap his present

Hiding with his MONSTER bone!

Merry Christmas!

enjoying some playtime in the snow

Such a snow dog!

Christmas care package from Mammaw & Bapaw!

Brandon snowmobiling with my Dad

My BEAUTIFUL Christmas present

Shooting guns on Christmas :)

As many of you know we are in the search of buying our first house! It is an extremely exciting phase in our lives but definitely somewhat stressful too. We decided (with help from my parents) it would be easier to sell our apartment contract NOW (as the new semester of BYUI was about to start) then a few months down the road so we made the plans to move back to shelley while we looked for a house. I was astounded at the number of responses I got with in just a few min. of posting our ad on Craigslist! It was a crazy time but with the help of my dad, we had packed and moved in just a few days!

January: was quiet... very quiet! Brandon left for P.O.S.T, the police academy in Boise, on January 6. He will be there until March 15, 2013. It feels like basic training all over again with one huge exception! Brandon does get to come home almost every weekend. We have been extremely fortunate for somewhat good roads and Brandon is carpooling with 2-3 other people that also live in this area.

When I get my computer back to normal I will post some of our pictures from lately. Till then, we are sending our love <3