Sunday, November 28, 2010

our week!

This week and weekend has been nuts!
I left for home on Monday night hoping to beat the worst part of the storm that had been snowing on us since Sunday. All of the roads were fairly dry and good until I got to Blackfoot (about 25ish miles aways from my house). It started to blizzard and when the big trucks and semi's passed they kicked up more snow  making it complete white out conditions. I have honestly never been so scared while driving in my entire life. I had a death grip on the wheel and was hunched over. I was so excited when I saw the "1 mile till Shelley" sign and as I got near the exit two huge semi's came flying by me, blinding me to everything and by the time the snow had settled a little I was blowing by the exit. I braced myself for a couple of more miles to the next exit and I made sure to get off of it. Though the bad roads weren't finished with me yet! I traveled down the road to my house, completely in the middle (I couldn't see any lines or where the road even really was, luckily I've traveled it a million times!) FINALLY I saw the familiar circle window of my parents house and i slowed down to turn into our driveway. As I eased off the road I started to slide right for the ditch, I got myself stopped and tried to start going and by golly wouldn't you know it I was stuck, in front of my own driveway! I ran inside and my wonderful father got off the treadmill and came outside to help. Finally I was home!

The rest of the week has blurred into one big giant relaxing day! I made my first ever apple pie, all from scratch, I cleaned, got Thank You notes taken care of, And in between it all I got to talk to Brandon a couple of times. It is always a treat to hear his voice and I love talking to him. I like that when we talk we don't necessarily always talk about what's going on over there. We talk about random things. It makes it seem more like he is on a vacation rather than in a combat zone. I don't know if it makes it easier on him (I think it does though!) but I know it helps me to not worry. 
Today I got the best surprise. My Christmas packages had reached Brandon (in less than a WEEK!) and he got his computer up and running and we got to Skype today. I can't even tell you how amazing it was to be able to see his smile. Just seeing his face and getting to joke face to face with him makes a little of the weight lift off of my heart. I can't wait for our next Skype date. 

All in all we are doing well. Happy with each day that passes because it means we are one day closer to homecoming! 

When times get to tough to stand, fall to your knees and lift your heart to the heavens. God will always be there to shoulder your burdens.

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