Monday, December 23, 2013

The "I" word...

**I am going to preface this post with this: This post is not a cry for attention nor am I writing it in hopes that you will pity us. This is an update for all who care to know what is happening in our lives. If you wish to continue reading, please do, and if you don't want to finish this post,  I won't hold it against you!**

It's an ugly word.
A word that cuts deep.
A word that demolishes hopes and dreams.
A word that has been floating around in my mind for the past 6 months.

Infertility is much more than just a word. It's a lifestyle that no one chooses to live. It is a reminder of your deepest hopes and wishes and how far you have to reach them. It is a constant companion that you just want to be rid of once and for all.

Brandon and I have been dealing with this monster for about 2 years now.  At first, we didn't know it. We assumed it was just taking us a little longer than most. Mostly due to our busy lives and hectic schedule. But after a year had past, we started to get nervous. We decided to wait until I finished my first year as a real teacher before seeing a doctor about it.

I went to see my doctor in June. We talked about what was going on and some of our options. We decided to try Clomid because it is a relatively "safe" fertility drug. Safe meaning the chance for multiples is much less than the other drugs and it is supposed to have few side effects. Brandon and I were so excited, here was our chance! We had been praying and begging the Lord to help us and now we were going to get pregnant and by next summer we would have our little prince or princess.

But life never happens that easily.

We tried month after month and by November we still had no luck. We decided to visit another doctor for a second opinion but received the same answer as the first. The next step is probably an IUI. This is when it really became a reality to me. It is a hard thing to know that the one thing you've dreamed of for years just isn't happening and may never. It's even harder when it is seeming to happen to everyone else but you. Infertility is an isolated, lonely world. Not because you are the ONLY couple experiencing it, but because no one talks about it. No one wants to discuss it, it's said in hushed tones, with looks of pity displayed across faces. One of my friends who has been going through the same thing started posting about their journey and I can't tell you how much her blog has helped me through my own heartache and sorrow. I hope that if anyone else is going through the same thing, they can find comfort knowing they are not alone. That sometimes it just takes someone in a similar situation, speaking up to help out.

These past two years have been rough. Of course there have been WAY more positives than negatives but it is difficult to see your hopes and dreams be crushed month after month, negative test after negative test.

At this point, I don't know what our future holds. But if you can take a few minutes to say a quick prayer we would appreciate it. I know the power of prayer and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and knows each and every one of our heartaches. We will have a family one way or another!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Recap - an overload of pictures

[Sorry for the formatting problems.. too big of a headache for me to deal with tonight!]

Brace yourself for an avalanche of pictures:

Welcome Moose, the newest addition to the Prince clan.

He's a really good cuddler :)

Silver Spud Moose Prince =]

First trail ride

Dancing and Swimming- this is the life!

<3 My love bug

Shooting with JD

and I beat the two big tough military guys :) 

We got SEALED! 

My boys are getting SO big! And fully enjoying the backyard to the fullest!

I LOVE snowcones, especially since they come few and far between.
Some freaking good days on the lake. LOOK AT THAT GLASS!!!

Go Dad Go Dad GO!

We took some great walks... the boys kind of suck at walking together though :s

Clark/Swan Family Reunion

LOST marathons and camping out in the living room!

Trail Ride #2

Such beautiful scenery

Felt like I was on top of the world!

LOVE my birthday boots =]

Stakes is a stellar horse, though he has a lot of gas hahaha

We got a GRILL! (BIG thanks goes out to B's mom and dad!)

Shooting round #2 with my dad

Rose Family Reunion 

Brotherly Love

Look at how much he's growing!!!
Beautiful day on the lake

Seriously, how did I ever snag this handsome man?!

I wonder how many kids could say that their high school principal does this regularly?

MAJOR crash on the air chair (one of my worst!)

I love the view of the sunsets from our porch, if only my camera could really catch the colors!                  
I trained for my first ever 5k. I was so amazed at what my body could do!                                  
My sister, Danika and myself ran the color vibe in IF. It was a blast!                                                               

Moose sleeps in the craziest ways... BTW he weighs more than 40 lbs. and he's not even fat!
We made our first really big purchase (not from family) for the house, NEW COUCHES! (they are beautiful!)
Driving in Utah... I miss these mountains!
Sweets Party! Thanks Lori for inviting us! (Homemade cream puffs, pretty dang easy!)
silly boy
Happy 5th Anniversary! We met on August 26, 2008, our first day at college!
My pretty flowers that are FINALLY blooming, though only 2 plants survived hurricane Bronco and Moose :(
My new classroom! oh it looks pretty :) please disregard the supply mess on their desks!