Friday, June 17, 2011

sweet summer time

I am completely in LOVE with summer, and it's in full swing here.

My nanny job is a tough one. The "reds" like to push the limits and it has been very interesting trying to set up a discipline system with a 7 and 8 year old! The girls are SO sweet but do not like to hear no! It is going to be an interesting rest of the summer and I'm sure everyday will be a new learning experience!

Brandon just started a job in recruiting with the National Guard on Wednesday. So far he's enjoyed getting back to work. I'm sure that (like with any job) there will be highs and lows but I know that there will be lots of fun times ahead for him.

We got a long weekend last weekend and had the opportunity to spend it with my parents in Lake Powell for a couple of days. We had SO much fun. I loved getting to show Brandon some of my favorite things since this was his first time ever.

Brandon flying the air chair

Trying to jump on the Air Chair

Mom wakeboarding

Boogie Boarding

Brandon skiing for the first time. 

Learning how to drop a ski his second time up

Brandon Slaloming  for the first time!

The end of Cathedral Canyon
It was a short trip but we packed a lot of fun into it! We got Brandon up on ski's for his first time. Sometimes it makes me sick how stinkin good he is at EVERYTHING! He got up on his first try and by the second time up, we had him dropping a ski to ride slalom. The next day he tried and got up on one ski. (Something that took me a whole summer to perfect!) I hope that our children get these amazing genes from him one day!! We saw Rainbow Bridge, and explored some really cool canyons. The best one we went through was Cathedral Canyon. The walls got so narrow that the boat barley squeezed through even though the depth was still 70 feet. The red rock in contrast with the warm green/blue water and the bright blue sky never  ceases to amaze me. This is honestly my favorite place on earth.

The rest of the summer has been filled with hanging out with friends and family. It's been a really relaxed summer and that's exactly how i like it!