Friday, June 8, 2012

OH Summer....

Summer is in full swing here... but someone should probably tell mother nature! The weather has been all over the place lately! It might be just me but I keep forgetting that here in eastern Idaho we can go from a 90 degree perfect summer day to a 30 degree freezing night all in a matter of hours! geesh!

Brandon is working at the Country Club this summer doing some course maintenance. It's not his dream job (thank goodness!) but it pays and lets both of us play for free at the Country Club which is a HUGE bonus. We do love our golf and if we can play for free (especially at a nice course) we are a happy couple!

I am the new manager at the Shelley Swimming Pool. Let me tell you it isn't a piece of cake like most would believe. I do love working at our pool, getting tan, playing in the water with little swimmers and it's a pretty laid back environment but being a manager is pretty hard work! But it's a great job and is good for me to start being in charge of a group of children. I am getting excited and very nervous about starting school (its still like 3 months away!) I'm bummed I can't get into my classroom until mid-August which has probably got me the most stressed out! I'm trying to gather things for my classroom starting now and getting things ready so when August rolls around I'm ready to go. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Pinetrest is a pretty great place to go for ideas but sometimes I just get overwhelmed seeing veteran teachers classrooms!

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to attend my Aunt's wedding in Colorado. It was a great weekend, we got to golf with family, have a mini family reunion and witness the joining of a family. We are so excited to welcome in Steve and my new cousin Niki, we love them already!

We have so many fun things planned for this summer. Lots of traveling and visiting with so much family and friends! Here's some sneak peaks!

#1: Boating... lots and lots of time on the lake (crossing my fingers!!) 

#2. Hopefully in the next week or so our good friends Kim and her little guys will be able to come visit while Nick is away at training. Their little boys are so much fun!

 #3. Mexico... our honeymoon is FINALLY going to happen! and we get to spend 5 days away with my aunt and her new husband.

#4. Island Park: I'm hoping that for our annual boating trip we can get it put together and rent a cabin at Island Park for a couple days! (the wildlife there is unbelievable!)

#5. Wedding Bells! Brandon's mom, Rhonda, is getting married at the end of July to Chris. We are so excited and can't wait for it to get here!

#6. Also at the end of July one of my best friends is going to come for a visit. Annaliesa and her husband David will get to experience the fun of idaho :)

#7. And last but not least at the end of August/first of September School starts and I will get to begin my teaching career in Rigby, Idaho as a Middle School Math Teacher. I'm so excited =]