Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Trip To Temple Square

A couple Saturday's ago we had the opportunity to go visit Temple Square with our good friends Nick and Kim and their boys. I got to ride a train for the first time, I've got to say, they are very convenient! It was also my first time ever going to Temple Square, Brandon had been once before with a friend from back home. It was such a fun day!
In 11 months we will be sealed in the Logan, UT Temple :)

So beautiful

Nick, Ryan, Randen, and Kim

Playing in the reflection pool

It's been real Utah...

4 years... I can't believe just like that I'm graduating college, have a career now and are moving back to Idaho.

I started college in August of 2008. I remember the night before moving, packing up, not  knowing what was in store for me... it seems like a lifetime ago. I can't believe that I was ever that silly little girl! I found the man of my dreams, changed my major ((twice)), said goodbye to the man of my dreams for 8 LONG months while he went to training, got him back, got MARRIED, said goodbye again, fought through a deployment, [all the while still going to school!], got him back again!, had to spend a semester apart while I taught and he worked, reunited, student taught... which brings us to now.

We are in Idaho for the long hall!
On May 5th I will graduate from Utah State University  with a B.S in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Middle School Mathematics. This is a time when I should be freaking out! I should be scouring for a job, praying that interviews went well, stressing to the max... but I'm not :D You see, I've already snagged a job! I was lucky, I got in quick and now I'm stress free (haha not really but I like to pretend!) I will be a 6th (and maybe 7th) grade math teacher at Midway Middle School in Rigby, ID. I am beyond thrilled at this opportunity.

This is how we begin the next chapter in our life.

Brandon will be attending EITC in the fall, studying to become an RN. He is excited to begin, though he still claims he HATES school! I keep trying to remind him that this isn't like the college he's been to before, but we'll see when the time comes.

Other than that we are just happy to be moving onward and upward with our lives. We are looking forward to our vacations this summer: first to Grand Junction for my aunts wedding, then to MEXICO with the same aunt for my graduation vacation, then to California for my Mother-In-Laws wedding [[so excited!!]] and somewhere in the middle will be our annual boating extravaganza, hopefully to Island Park this year! and of course all of the boating days can't come soon enough, I want to be on the lake, soaking up the rays!