Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bandwagon leaping

Yes I've jumped on the sign making bandwagon.. more like leaped. (leaped is such a better word, it makes me feel like the money mom and dad put into dance class was well placed and I indeed came out a ballerina... haha well one can dream!) I don't blame myself though, I blame Pintrest, gosh darn pintrest =] 

I've seen so many people produce these beautiful signs. Barn Owl Primitives is one of my favorites. If I had hundreds of dollars laying around I would buy SO many, almost all of them definitely! I love that she hand-paints each and every sign. It makes them so much more personal. I also love Say It On The Wall. I especially like their religious and holiday vinyl. I like the look of vinyl and how it is easy to use (not that I really have ever used it but it looks like it will be fabulously easy!).  Again.. wish I had the money to spend and decorate our BRAND NEW APARTMENT(that will be another post!). 

So since I don't have all the money I want to spend on the things I like, and I still really want them... I've decided to LEAP on the bandwagon and try to make them myself! So here is my first attempt...

The letters are really white, the lighting in the kitchen at night just isn't the best! 

This is one of my absolute favorite songs.
Back in the fall of 2010 Brandon and I were living in a tiny apartment. As difficult as it was trying to find a place for everything, I loved that place. It was our first apartment together and we were always close to each other when we were at home. It was in this apartment that we found out Brandon was going to be deployed. That whole fall we had loved this song and once we learned he was going to be leaving it quickly moved to my favorite song. We would lay in bed and Brandon would softly sing to me as I fell asleep. Every time I hear this song I think back to those nights. 

Stay tuned for more signs to come!

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