Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting my sewing on!

I started this summer with a LONG list of sewing projects.. some got done.. others are still just patterns in my mind :) but slowly, ever so slowly they will get done! 

When I first got my sewing machine I started on some projects for my niece Lyric (who was not born at the time) these are the project's I've done for her:

A banner for her baby shower and birthdays or whatever Holly wants to use it for :)

This is a bad picture but some onesies were done. I didn't get a
picture of all of them individually :(

And my favorite.. The two stuffed owls. They turned out SO well! I loved them!
So for the first few months of my machines (I haven't decided on an appropriate name quiet yet!) life with me was all about Lyric! But finally I started doing something for myself! I made a couple of dresses. Two were just plain black swimming suit cover-ups for our time in Mexico and on the boat. I don't have pictures of either unfortunately. One of them worked SO well.. the other was a bust! 
BUT I had a dream of making a maxi dress. I thought about it for a month or two and then one day I was in Downeast Outfitters with Kim and we were talking and I had a sudden inspiration as she was trying on a maxi dress... I had on one of their cropped Half tee's and I said, "What if i just sewed on fabric to the bottom of this! It would be super simple and I wouldn't have to worry about a top!" 

So....... a month later...... I finally bought fabric and started...
It wasn't as simple as I thought.

But after much pinning.. unpinning.. repinning. and sewing I got it done. Here is the finally product. (sorry for the bad pictures.. I'm still learning, bear with me!)
The front

Close up. notice the sash?


Side view
I think I have the sewing bug! Sometimes I wish that's all I ever did, and then their are other times I'm glad I have a teaching job to worry about! The dress was such a success that I'm in the process of making one almost identical for my sister. I also have two skirts that I'm formulating in my mind and a dog bed for Bronco... This next week will be busy but it will help pass the time that Brandon is at A.T (annual training). 


  1. I'm linking up to this party!http://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/

  2. I love the dress!!!!! You did such a great job. If I lived closer I might beg you to make me one too!

  3. Thank you!! It was pretty simple once I thought it all the way through in my mind :)

  4. Such a pretty dress! Great job!

  5. You look great! I LOVE the dress, and the pink owl? DARLING!!

  6. Thank you! the pink owl was my favorite! super easy too!!