Monday, August 6, 2012

Things are changing around here

Yes yes, again things are going to change! I feel that's all our lives are right now.. just moments between the changes :)

So what is going to change you ask? Well, for starters: our address! Tomorrow is the start of our move to Rexburg. We are moving so that I can be closer to my school and Brandon will be starting college again up at BYUI. It just made more sense to be in Rexburg than to drive all the way each day!

Both of our summer jobs are done with! I had such a great time managing the pool. It was a lot more work and responsibility  than I was anticipating but it was a good experience for me :) I did get to teach some of my favorite students and got a great tan while I was at it! I was super bummed to say goodbye on Friday but I know that I'll see them again and I'm headed toward another time in my life!

Brandon's  work at the country club was a good experience for him as well. He didn't like the early hours or the hard labor but he learned a lot and got to play golf for free which was worth the work!

Our summer has been a great one, filled with seeing family and friends. I know this is a random, not well put together post but I just wanted to fill everyone in on what's happening. Hopefully when we are settled there will be a better post!

Till then!

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