Thursday, October 18, 2012

The 4 month long interview....

I wish I was exaggerating! 

So back in July Brandon started the very long process of interviewing for a Patrol Officer spot with the IFPD.  It started with 169 candidates. Everyone that applied got to take the "test". The candidates that scored in the top 30 then went on to participate in a P.T test. Brandon rocked both his test AND his PT test, he was one of the top scores on his test and had THE TOP SCORE on his PT test! Whoever passed their PT test was invited to participate in an Oral Board interview. Brandon got a call and was told that he was number 4 on the list! As bummed as he was, we thought it was so cool that he was #4 out of an original 169! 

After that we waited and waited and waited! During our long wait we kept having neighbors and friends say that the chief had contacted them and had grilled them about Brandon but we had to just keep waiting!

In September, Brandon got a phone call to come into the police department and take a polygraph test. We were so excited because it meant that they were getting ready to hire! He took the test and after talking with the officer found that he was most likely in one of the first spots! After the poly... we got to wait some more! (lame I know!)

Finally last week on October 9 (our first anniversary) Brandon had an interview with the chief of police. He was fighting for a 1 of 2 spots against 6 other people. He was told that we would have an answer by the end of the week. Well Friday rolled around and there was no word. Brandon's hopes went to the dump! I am always the optimist and kept trying to cheer him up.
Well Monday the 15th came (our 2nd anniversary) and I got the most wonderful text in the middle of 2nd hour! 

Brandon has been waiting for this for so long.. July seems like it was forever away! We are more than excited about this opportunity and the doors it is going to open for us! Can't wait to share more :)

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