Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Top Ten

Where to begin? I've vowed to become better at blogging. Honestly most day's I don't have too much to write about and at this point in the semester, there is very little down time. But I've finished all my work for the week, packed my bags and I'm ready to go for tomorrow so I decided now would be a good time to catch you up!

Today is the very last day of November. I've looked for November everywhere, under couches, under blankets but I can't seem to find it! It passed SO quickly! I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it's the way it is! November was filled with school, job searching, hanging out with family, and starting to play volleyball with some awesome neighbors every Saturday morning (which ends up with me hobbling around for the next few days with dang sore muscles!)

Thanksgiving was a BLAST! I had almost a whole week off for break (I had to go to school Monday but that's it!) It was glorious to have some down time. We took of on Tuesday to Idaho to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Here's my Thanksgiving Top 10 List (not in any specific order besides #10. It just happened to be my favorite part of Thanksgiving):

  1. Starting and COMPLETING some of my final projects for the semester
  2. Crafting my butt off!
  3. Starting Christmas presents---> Brandon even helped me out! I'm such a lucky wife =]
  4. Spending lots of quality time with my Mom and Dad (whom I miss very much even though I have it lucky and get to see them usually at least once a month)
  5. Spending time with G&G (my grandparents)
  6. Spending the most time in a while with my Sister and her husband
  7. Getting to feel my niece Lyric Lashawn (sp?) Lacey kick when I talked to her!
  8. Deciding that when my niece is little she will say, "my name is Wywic Washawn Wacey! hahaha It will be the cutest little thing EVER
  9. A little Black Friday shopping (not early with the crazy crowds) and getting some great deals!
  10. Spending it with my Husband for the very first time. 
I am so thankful for all that I have. I have the worlds BEST family. I would invite anyone to try and say I don't because I will win :) One thing I am especially thankful for is to have Brandon home safe and sound this year. For the past two years Brandon has been away from all of his family. In 2009 he was in Fort Jackson in the middle of his Basic Training for the Army. Last year (2010) Brandon was in Afghanistan, on his first deployment, fighting for our freedom. I am so thankful for him. My heart goes out to all of those soldiers who couldn't be at home this holiday season, and to their families who are missing them dearly. I know what it feels like and I wouldn't ever wish it upon anyone else but I am so proud to know that we are some of the few that stand behind that brave 1% who serve their country so that we can eat and be thankful in peace. 
If you remember, set the table for one extra person this Holiday season for a soldier who can't be home with his/her family this year. We remember you and all you do!

Here's some of my latest crafts and a Thanksgiving picture :)

Christmas Craft #1: Glittery Ornaments

Santa Ornament
Christmas Craft #1: Glittery Ornaments

Christmas/Winter Craft #2: Holly's snowflake wreath

Hard at work, sanding Christmas presents (can't wait to show you what they become!!)

Did I forget to mention this is my mom and dad's new toy?
We got to drive it around all week =]
ps: its REALLY fast!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!


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