Thursday, January 20, 2011


So up till this point Brandon had the idea that he wasn't going to tell me when he was coming home. He wanted to make it a surprise and had this scheme all planned out. His mom would meet him at the Salt Lake airport and they would rent a car and drive up to Logan. He would have already been in contact with my parents and Annaliesa and they would already have a plan in place as to where Annaliease would make sure I was so Brandon could just show up. His thoughts were the more crowded the better so I could be embarrassed! And it would be all tears smiles laughs and kisses =]

Well, this week we found out that upon getting off the plane in Utah, Brandon would have to Camp Williams for 3 days, having the nights off of course. This kind of threw a wrench in his plan. Neither of us wanted to spend his first three days back in Utah away from each other. AND since we live farther than 50 miles from the camp, they would get us a hotel room. What to do what to do!

Finally, after much badgering from me, Brandon decided to tell me when he is coming home!! WOOT WOOT! and its not even that far away. I am more excited than words can express! I can't post the date or anything on here to keep all of the soldiers safe so if you want to know more just email me. Oh i'm so excited. Best news EVER!


  1. Glad you will have your husband back soon! :) YAYYYYYYY!

  2. Thank you Thank you! We are so excited (I can hardly stand it!)