Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Month Gone

I can't believe that another month is almost over! 
We have been married for 3 months and 5 days or 3 months and 11 days depending on which wedding date you choose <3
Brandon has been gone for 2 months and 22 days.
It's amazing how when you look back time just flies! I love it! Well, I love it sometimes! Sometimes I hate it, like between our wedding and Brandon leaving. I hate how when you want to slow time down it seems to go even faster! 
I have been doing well. The 10th of January was my first day back and today marks the end of my second week of school. It feels like I've been in school for months instead of just 2 weeks. It is super busy and very work intensive. I have 6 classes, 5 of them are once a week but they are 3 hours each. It gets very long and super tiring but in the end I always leave class with a head full of knowledge and a burning to get into the classroom and to start trying out everything we've been learning about. I have also been involved in a scholarship program called Reading in Motion. It is amazing! It's a program for teachers to mix early reading skills with the arts. We go into a 1st grade classroom twice a week for 45 minutes and we sing songs, do little dances, put on plays and so much more. I've only been involved in it for well, 2 weeks so far but I honestly think it should be  brought into every k-3rd grade classroom!

Brandon is doing well. He is working and trying to pass the time! He really loves getting to be a soldier. He might not get to be "in the action" all that much (something that I thank God for EVERY day!) but he still gets to use his training. When he's not working, he likes to watch TV series and movies. He finished the whole House series and has started on The Unit. Of course he sleeps on his time off also. 
I am SO thankful for this deployment being only about 5 months. It definitely makes the first deployment easier (not that its easy at all!). But knowing I don't have to be alone for an entire year makes it feel much more manageable! The other thing I'm thankful for (I know I've already said this many times!) is how much we get to communicate. Usually we get to talk over Skype or the phone or just chatting at least every other day. We are so very lucky!!! 

As we continue to get more information I will try and keep you updated. As of right now we are planning for Brandon to come home early March!!! So excited! We love you, God bless


  1. Aw, you guys are so cute, and I am so happy to hear this news!! WOHOO!