Friday, October 22, 2010

stress, waiting, more stress, more waiting:  It's a never ending cycle for a military wife I swear!!
Even though we technically got married on the 9th of October, we decided to go ahead with the ceremony and reception on the 15th of October because we had it all planned out and we really wanted to share the moment with everyone that couldn't make it the week before, especially Brandon's mom (my new mom now =] ). So we kept our ears trained on the phone, just waiting for a phone call to come and ruin all our plans (again) but we didn't get a phone call so by Wednesday we were home free, everything was going to happen as planned. Brandon was called to go down to Camp Williams to get SRP'd (all his shots and checkups to make sure he is "deployable ready") on Thursday but we were promised it would only take 3-4 hours and he was starting at 8 in the morning so we didn't have a worry in mind. Thursday was a day full of running around, last min. details, decorating, greeting family as they trickled in and rehearsing for the next morning. Friday came and the wedding (yes the second one haha) went perfect. As we were trying to get the rings off the pillow I somehow got the bow tied in a knot and it took us 5 complete min to get it undone but as we figured later, it just wouldn't have been a real Brandon and Jessie wedding if something like that didn't happen. If it wasn't the rings it would have been something else! Everything went perfect, lots of slip ups, cake in the face and happy, joyous feelings. Everything a wedding should be. Or a second wedding at that!

As I look back now I wish it would have lasted longer, not the wedding part that was long enough but the family part. There is nothing like being surrounded by family, especially members that you haven't seen in a while. I'm not sad that its over, quiet the opposite really, two weddings is enough stress for me, add in a freak deployment and the stress levels just shoot over the moon. I've had my stress limit for the next 8 months, but this is my life were talking about. the stress isn't about to go away any time soon. I want to thank EVERYONE that was apart of our wedding. It just wouldn't have been as special if every single one of you wasn't there. I especially want to thank Annaliesa. Girl, I honestly don't know what I would have done without you. You were there through everything and never said "ya know.. your too stressful and crazy for me." You stuck it out and I can't thank you enough. You are truly amazing and I love you so much!

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