Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life as a teacher

I never knew how exhausting teaching is! Right now I am doing my student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom until March when I move to a 5th grade classroom.
Third graders are so sweet! I love that they are beginning to become independent with their work and have started to think beyond what I say and reason for themselves. But they are still young and so cute! I am having a blast with my class and I love my cooperating teacher. She is a fabulous teacher and has such good management. I can see how good classroom management allows for us as teachers to teach so much more in the day!! We have some challenges in our classroom but it's just a great experience for me!
Student teaching really takes up most of my life between sleeping, planning and being at school I don't have much of a life! Brandon has been SO sweet and patient with me. He's a wonderful husband and I couldn't ask for more! Besides my student teaching life has been pretty quiet around here except for the new addition to our family =]

Meet Bronco, our new little guy!
He is 3/4 Black Lab with 1/4 Australian Shepard.
We got him a week ago, He is 10 weeks old and so full of energy!
 Bronco and Daddy LOVE to play outside! 

 Bronco laying dad, blocking him from watching hockey.
Bronco LOVES to cuddle with mom!

I didn't realize how much like a baby, puppies really are! It's been an interesting week but we love him so much and are so excited to have another member of our little family!

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