Sunday, March 13, 2011

no more oceans to separate our love

Yesterday I was traveling home from Spring Break 2011 in San Diego. Spirits were not very high as the sun disappeared behind us and the air started turning colder.... that is until "husband" popped up on my phone. 
I haven't seen "husband" on my phone for 5 long months. Nothing could have picked up my mood better. I was so excited to hear that Brandon was in Maine. My husband was FINALLY back in the states. 
 Brandon boarded another plane to take him across the country, and we (Annaliesa, Brittney and I) continued our journey across 4 states. As we pulled into the frozen tundra also known as Logan, I got another text from Brandon. He made it to Washington safe and sound. 

It is so difficult for me to know that he is only like 2 states away from me and I can't board the next flight to go see him. I know that these next couple of days will go by (they will drag but eventually they will pass) and I will finally get to be in his arms. I have the biggest butterflies right now and I know they are only going to get worse and I'm going to love/hate every minute of it! It's settling in, he's safe, and he's coming home to me soon. 
March has definitely been the best month. 

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  1. such a cute blog. Glad your hubs is back safe.
    Thanks for stopping by! Good luck on the give away!