Saturday, September 27, 2014

Boy oh Boy

You heard that right... we are going to be all BOY at our house for a while longer! To tell you the truth, I'm ecstatic. I think in my heart I knew he was a boy all along and of course Brandon never wavered!

Brandon and I got to the doctors office and settled in for a long wait. I love my doctor, but waiting for an hour just to get back to a room kills me every time! I'm just thankful I don't have a little one running around, waiting with me. We finally got back to the ultrasound room and did some more waiting. I don't know if I have ever seen Brandon so giddy. He was bouncing off the walls and being so silly. I was feeling the same way, but was trying to keep it together. The U/S Tech we work with is amazing. He is so good at making us feel comfortable and let us know every little thing he was doing.

My heart melted when we got the first glance of baby boy.
Baby Boy is upside down! Legs in the air and head on the bottom. 

We got to see every beautiful, wonderful, perfect part of our little guy. His tiny heart pumping, his sweet legs kicking, his little brain... what a miracle! 

Baby boy is already just like his daddy. Throughout the entire U/S he wouldn't stop moving! It's no wonder I'm still tired as all get out, his little legs and arms were in constant motion. 
Arm over his head. Dramatic already :)

We couldn't be more excited or happy. All of baby boy is healthy (and looked pretty happy too!). He is measuring right on track and we are still expecting a sweet, Valentines Day baby. The only question left is how do I speed up time?!

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