Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I guess it's time to catch you up!


This was a quiet month. Brandon was gone for most of the month to a leadership training through the National Guard. The boys and I just trudged on through our normal routine. We got to celebrate Lyric's second birthday, she is becoming a fun and crazy toddler right before our eyes! She is so smart and grows by leaps and bounds every time I see her!

Happy 1 year anniversary of being homeowners! YAY! We are still in love with our home, best big purchase ever! We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing us here. We love the area and our neighborhood. Other than that, April was pretty quiet too. It's amazing how much we fall into a routine, in fact, it is quite peaceful and reassuring! We were scheduled to do our 3rd IUI this month but Mother Nature had different plans for us. We did get a visit from Mammaw and Bapaw (Brandon's grandparents) as they made their way home from Boise where he had been drag racing. It was so much fun showing them around our city and our home.

This was my last full month of school. My kiddos were so ready for school to be out and our weather was just perfect! We got to participate in many Idaho History adventures that helped make our time in school a little more bearable! We celebrated both of our birthdays with family. Brandon transferred back into the 144th medical company of the Utah National Guard where he will be promoted. Brandon is still loving his job with the police and never has a shortage of stories to share! The day come for our 3rd IUI to happen and as we talked it over, we decided to not do the procedure. Infertility has taken it toll on all of us and where we go from here will be another post soon to come!

Oh happy June! I finished school in the first week of June and can I just say it stinks saying goodbye to these children who have become my kids over the last 9 months! I held it together pretty well on the last day until I looked up and saw some of my hardest kids bawling their eyes out and saying they didn't want to leave! What a great time I have had in 4th grade this year! As much as I will miss them... Bring on the SUMMER! It will be great to have a break and focus on our family. Brandon left of the 1st of June for his Annual Training with the National Guard. As happy as I am to get AT over with, I hate having my husband gone for another 2 weeks. Things have been quiet around the house with Brandon gone, but I'm sure our pups have loved having me home everyday!

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