Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally a Time to Post

I don't think my life has EVER been this crazy... Okay maybe it has like when I was planning a wedding and a deployment... or teaching and getting ready for Brandon's homecoming. I was probably this busy and stressed, but boy oh boy how crazy it's making me now!

Since it has seriously been probably like two months or so since I've posted heres a run down of our lives!

Brandon has been healing nicely from his accident. He just finished physical therapy last week and goes back to see the doc. this Friday so he can tell Brandon he's all fixed :) Today was Brandon's first day back to hard labor with his uncle. Since the accident Brandon has done a bunch of busy, office work while waiting for his elbow to heal and gain some strength. He said he was very excited to get back outside but is totally beat tonight!

Bronco's doing well. He is growing like a weed and losing baby teeth all over the place! For the most part Bronco is the best puppy we could have ever asked for, I just have to keep telling myself he's still a puppy! We went on an 1.5 hour long hike behind our house last Saturday and he had a BLAST! There were some good sized puddles that he just plunged right into! I can't wait to see him this summer at the lake! But for now, he'll just continue dozing at my feet :)

I have 2 more weeks of actual teaching in my student teaching. I can't believe I'm really almost done! I love my 5th graders and have had the best semester. College just flew by, it's amazing that its already graduation time!

I am an AUNT to the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen. She totally took both Brandon and my heart before we had even met her. Honestly I love her with all of my heart. She is perfect. Her name is Lyric, I wasn't sold on the name but from the first minute I saw her I just realized she is Lyric and no other name would have fit!

Last Friday was a pretty exciting time for me and my family. I was able to be baptized in the LDS church.  I can't even describe the feelings that I have in my heart. I have an wonderful sense of peace and joy in my life. I know that my decision to be baptized has allowed me and my family to receive some pretty amazing blessing. I can't wait for a year from now, when my family can be sealed together in the temple.

I have more to come but don't want to bog everyone down TOO much =] stay tuned for more info and pictures!!

Love you all


  1. Jess - I had no idea you were getting baptized! Congratulations! I am SO happy and excited for you! Oh my gosh, my heart is seriously so full right now...there is no greater blessing and joy than being sealed in the temple to your family.
    Adam was the first and only person I'm sealed to, as my father is not a member - and it is such a comforting and peaceful experience. My goodness. So much love and happiness for you guys!!!

  2. JESSIE!!!! Wanna hear something weird? I had a dream about you and I asked if I could do your temple work if you died and stuff and you were just like "Why don't I just get baptized?!" Holy crazy that it happened. I'm so excited for you! I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and so blessed to have had it in my life. I'm so excited for you guys and your future. P.s. the temple is AWESOME :)

  3. Jessie! I am so happy for you! Your life will be so much more full of blessings now and especially after you go to the temple. That is a big decision to make but I am glad you are so happy with it! :) I am so excited for you!